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Thalia, Louisa Harding

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

So I did it again! I changed my mind. Which is pretty funny because I took pretty great lengths to get this yarn, all 9 balls of it. Due to the fact that it was being discontinued, I bought yarn online from three different sources to acquire enough yarn to make the pattern. The pattern and the color way in the photo were so beautiful. I bought the pattern booklet on a special family vacation. It would be so awesome to make my own souvenir!  Shh… I even put it in my Christmas stocking as a present to myself.

And then low and behold, it sat in my drawer for 12 months without busting a ball band. That lonely yarn has been calling my name and now that another Autumn season is approaching, I begin to wonder if it is time to cast on that special vacation sweater. And then when I pulled everything out, I shocked myself with my wondering what I saw in the pattern,

“Of course I can’t feel that way! I make good choices. I know my style. I know what I like. And I ventured into novelty yarn just for this pattern!” Really, the pattern needed me.

So, I cast on and got 14″ inches in and I hated every minute of it. My sticks were too short and my stitches too crowded. I kept looking at the beautiful model and wondering what on earth I’d wear with the sweater once I got it finished. I didn’t have a ‘to the ankle’ silk gown to wear under it nor an occasion to wear it to.

“This is why we have people that manufacture knitwear,” I had to admit.

And suddenly that synched it. If it wasn’t fun then what was I doing making it! I figured something else in my pattern booklet also called for this novelty yarn and I would at least have options. Ta da! Not a few pages turned and I found another pattern with all the elements in which I was drawn to my original pattern of inspiration but with a design that I felt I could pull off in my wardrobe and it somehow just seemed to fit me. I don’t think that I made a wrong decision standing in that little yarn shop on the sandy coast. But as time goes by, we sometimes change our tastes.

I cast on and I can’t believe I’m using the same yarn and needles! What a difference the right pattern, paired with the right yarn and my own sense of enjoyment makes for pleasant hand knitting.


Posted: December 10, 2009 in Online Reading, Uncategorized

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